ProSports Acupuncture provides
safe, drug-free acupuncture
treatments to relieve
muscle pain and

for theProfessional Athlete

As a professional athlete, your body is your most valuable asset. Yet, you take your body to the edge every game. Your future hinges on relieving pain without compromising your prescription medications or violating the stringent drug policies of professional sports.

Acupuncture offers you a drug-free alternative. It relieves pain, helps prevent injury and works in concert with your physical therapy regime or your medications.

At ProSports Acupuncture, we specialize in proven acupuncture treatments for myofascial pain—the kind of chronic pain professional athletes experience. Myofascial pain is caused by repetitive contraction of a muscle group. Often, it is accompanied by seemingly-unrelated "trigger-point" pains.

We tailor your acupuncture treatments to the demands of your physical specialty. We use routine treatments, such as "Back-Ease," "Headache-Buster" and "Neck-Release," but we introduce other, more unique, techniques and approaches tailored to your specific injury or injuries. In addition, we can incorporate preventive maintenance treatments to enhance your strength and avoid future injury.

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Food For Thought: BBC Documentary About Acupuncture

Interested in learning more about acupuncture? Check out this informative, well-produced documentary by the BBC! Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.



As a sports enthusiast, you know weekends were made for action—tennis, biking, swimming, hiking running. By Monday morning, your muscles are sore and aching, but your are looking forward to next weekend’s competition. You want to treat the pain, but you also want to push your body to the next level.

Acupuncture offers you a means of readying your body for the next big push, as well as treating current aches and pains. It increases circulation to promote energy and it decreases your pain by relaxing muscles and stimulating the body’s healing responses.

Whether we focus your treatments on healing injuries, restoring energy and balance or preventing future injuries, we provide the highest quality in acupuncture treatment.

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